Student Visa 500

Student Visa 500 allows international students to stay in Australia for up to five years to pursue a course registered with CRICOS. With the Student Visa Subclass 500, a student can enroll in any full-time course at a recognised Australian institution. This Visa category also allows the student to bring family members with them to Australia. Although, this Visa is valid for up to 5 years in Australia, the student may only stay for the duration of their enrolled course.

You must have an OSHC which abbreviates to Overseas Student Health Cover. This is extremely important for your health and safety. So, it is considered a vital requirement while providing the student visa 500. There are different insurance providers who will entitle you to an OSHC. It will cover 100% of your medical costs.

If you miss the OSHC, then you must fall in one of the exemption categories that Australia has listed. Students who are exempt can apply for student visas 500 without OSHCs. If you won’t be 18 years old during your arrival in Australia, then you have to perform some additional procedures. You have to have adequate welfare arrangements to get eligible for a student visa subclass 500.

You will be required to fill out some questionnaires if you turn 18 before arriving in Australia. Once your guardians sign the form, only then you can get eligible for the international student visa in Australia.

It is mandatory for anyone under 18 to have a local guardian when they arrive in Australia. The local guardian should have a visa to stay in Australia until you turn 18. Also, the guardian themselves should be at least 21 years of age. By only filling these criteria, you will be eligible to get a student-dependent visa in Australia.

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This Visa subclass 500 allows international students to study in any of Australia's authorised courses. A student can travel freely within and outside of Australia while holding this visa subclass. Students under this visa category are also permitted to work up to 40 hours per fortnight after the course begins. There are also other required requirements that must be met in order for every course application registered in CRICOS to be accepted. Our agents can thoroughly explain and can assist you in better understanding the demands and requirements of the student visa 500.

Eligibility criteria/checklist:
    1. The minimum age of six years.
    2. A valid Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
    3. A valid English language proficiency test unless receive exemption
    4. Keep adequate health insurance from an approved Australian health insurance.
    5. Must have sufficient finances and suitable proof of this.
    6. Genuine Temporary Entrant evidence (close ties to home country)

Benefit of Student visa:
    1. Right to study full-time in Australia on a CRICOS-registered programme.
    2. Can also apply visa for family members.
    3. Authorised to work for 40 hours per fortnight under this visa.
    4. Can stay in Australia for up to 5 years or only for the duration of the study.
    5. Freely move within and outside of Australia throughout the time you have access to it.
Processing time:
Visa Type Stream 75% of Applications processed in 90% of applications processed in
500 Student Vocational Education and training sector 7 month 12 months
500 Student Higher education sector 43 days 6 months

General FAQ’s for Student Visa 500:

1How long will my English language exam be valid for when I apply for a student visa?
The English language test taken by students for the purpose of visa application is valid for two years, and students must apply for the Student visa within two years of taking the test.
2What is the duration of the Student Visa subclass 500?
With a student visa subclass 500, the student may stay in Australia for up to 5 years to study the enrolled course. In most situations, the overseas student's visa is approved for a term of two months beyond the duration of the course. Students enrolling in research or PhD programmes, as well as those enrolled in master's programmes, are granted an extension of 6 months.
3How long does it take to obtain a Student Visa in Australia?
According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, 75% of student visa applications are processed within a month of being submitted. Submitting the required paperwork on time may also help to reduce application delays.
4In Australia, can a tourist visa be converted to a student visa?
If your visitor or tourist visa has the restriction "no further stay" written on it, you will not be able to extend your stay in Australia with any visa type conversion; you will have to return home and apply for a new visa.
5How much can a student earn in Australia?
Australia has the lowest unemployment rate in the world, and it offers students numerous options to work and earn money while they study. In Australia, the minimum wage is presently $18.93 per hour. Based on their talents and knowledge, a student can earn much more than the stated rate.

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