Skilled Nominated 190 Visa Australia

The Skilled Nominated Visa – Subclass 190 is often referred to as the State Nominated Visa. This is a permanent visa that does not require employer sponsorship.Being a permanent visa, skilled independent 190 visas are the most popular in Australia. If you can find your occupation on the State Occupation List, you are good to go for a 190 visa in Australia. Go through the new skilled occupation list before you make up your mind.

As it is a sponsored visa, it needs to be sponsored by a state or territory. To get sponsored for 190 visas, you need to lodge a separate application to the state you are currently living in. Different states have different requirements that you need to meet to be sponsored.

Some common requirement that each state requires is that you had moved to the state during the first half of the year of your staying in Australia. You have to meet this criterion to be sponsored.

Another criterion is you are living in that state for the last two years. If not, the sponsor board will not approve you.

If you meet these criteria, you have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). This EOI plays a major role in your nomination for the visa. A few documents are required for EOI 190 Visa. You can find the required documents listed on the tabs below.

Another major factor is the point you have. With a higher point, your chance of getting nominated will be high. The required minimum point of 65 is sufficient to be nominated for various jobs. Others won't nominate you even if your score is high, like 95. Even 190 visas in victoria may require a point, but 190 visas in south Australia may require a different point. Our points calculator for the subclass 190 skilled nominated visa allows you to see your current point total.

You can update your EOI at any time if you haven't received an invitation yet. The number of invites sent out each month is determined by the government. You can increase your point total and win the nomination.

Contact us if you want advice on how many points you need to get nominated. We also provide guidance on how to increase your points as quickly as possible.

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It's critical to double-check that you fulfil the visa's conditions before applying. This includes the following:
  • You have a Positive Skill Assessment for one of the State Occupation List occupations.
  • You are presently between the ages of 18 and 45.
  • You have Competent English or higher (6 minimum in IELTS or holder of approved passports)
  • You meet health and character requirements
  • You meet the pass mark in the skilled migration points test – currently 65 (includes 5 points for state nomination)
You are required to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) under Skillselect website. This includes providing information based on background and skills. No documents are required to be provided at this stage
After lodging a separate application under the state government website for 190 visas (not applicable to all states). State government will send invitation to apply
After document verification, final invitations will be send by State government for 190 visa nomination
Lodgment of visa application through skillselect website with all relevant documents


Qualify for occupation by completing the Skill Assessment


Complete PTE/IELTS with a competent English score


Lodge Expression of Interest (EOI)


Receive Pre-invitation from State Government


Apply for Nomination Application for State


Final State invitation received and lodge Visa

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