Apply for Australian Visitor Visa 600

The Visitor visa subclass 600, as the name suggests, is a visa type that allows applicants to visit relatives or friends in Australia. With the visiting visa 600, an applicant will be permitted to travel to Australia as a tourist, to enjoy a cruise, or for any other reason that is not related to medical treatments or business.

The visitor visa subclass 600 does not permit the applicant to work in Australia during the term of his stay under this visa. If the student wishes to study in Australia with this visa, he or she may do so for a maximum of three months; nevertheless, if the applicant's primary reason for travelling to Australia with this visa is to study, the applicant should consider obtaining a genuine student visa.

The Tourist Visa 600 permits the applicant to stay in Australia for a maximum of 12 months. In most cases, the applicant's stay length with this visa is mentioned on the visa grant letter. We are experts in this industry and can assist you with your Visitor visa application so that you may enjoy your time in Australia.

There are 6 types of visitor visa 600 to grab. Each one comes for specific type of need. The first type of visitor visa 600 is tourist stream while you are in Australia. This visa is suitable for people who already have a visa which will expire soon. In that case, they are encouraged to apply for this visa to stay in the country for longer. You must be in Australia while you are applying for this visa.

The second type of visitor visa Australia is Tourist stream while you are outside Australia. This visa will grant you stay permit for a few months to a year. However, you must be staying outside the country when the authority decides whether to grant the visa.

The next one is, Sponsored family stream. This visa is suitable for people who have a family member in Australia. The person will be able to sponsor you only if he is an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia. He might be asked to pay a security bond for you to come over. You must be staying outside the country at the time of visa approval.

Some other types of tourist visa for Australia are Business visitor stream, Approved Destination Status stream, and Frequent traveller stream visas. Most of the visitor visa subclass 600 processing time takes 3 months, some may take 20 months or more.

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Eligibility criteria/checklist:
    1. Have genuine plans to stay in Australia for a short period of time.
    2. Meet all of the Australian framework's health requirements
    3. Must meet and pass the character test.
    4. Have sufficient funds to maintain themselves during their stay in Australia.
    5. This visa does not allow the applicant to bring any family members.

Perks of Visitor visa 600:
    1. Visit a friend or family member living in Australia.
    2. Travel on a cruise or spend a vacation.
    3. If given multiple entries on your visa grant letter, you can visit Australia many times.
    4. Sometimes may also work as an unpaid genuine volunteer, but only if no other Australian is being compensated for the same work.
Processing time:
75% of the visas are processed in 3 months
90% of the visas are processed in 20 months

General FAQ’s

1What are the prerequisites for obtaining an Australian visiting visa?
The candidate for an Australian tourist visa 600 must have acceptable health cover insurance from a recognised Australian health insurance provider. The travelling must have genuine intentions to stay in Australia for a short period of time. The applicant cannot work in Australia with this visa unless it is a volunteer position.
2How do I extend my visitor visa in Australia?
The tourist visa subclass 600 is not extendable. If the validity of the visitor visa 600 expires, the applicant must apply for a new visa.
3Can I apply for a visiting visa in Australia while I'm there?
Yes, you can apply for a visiting visa in Australia while you are in the country, but you must be present at the time the decision to grant the visa is made.

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