Skilled Migration Visa (189/190/491 Subclasses)

The skilled Migration visa category is a permanent visa type that lets an individual to live in Australia permanently with unlimited work or study rights. The 189/190/491 skilled Visa is granted for a period of 5 years. This visa will allow the individual to work and live in Australia for an indefinite period but the travel component of this visa to and from Australia expires 5 years from the date of visa grant.

Among the category of skilled migration, 189 Visa is an independent subclass that does not require any nomination or sponsorship from the state or from any employment. Applicant can claim their points after skill assessment at the time of Expression of Interest (EOI). On the other hand, 190 visas besides the EOI lodgement and claiming of points, also need the state government to nominate them for them to get an invitation to apply for the visa. Lastly, the 491 Visa is a regional provisional visa which is a pathway to permanent residency under the 191-visa category. This category of visa applicants needs nomination from the regional government of Australia for them to be eligible.

Eligibility criteria/checklist:
  1. Age less than 45
  2. Have English Competent Skills using English Proficiency Test
  3. Have a valid skill Assessment from an occupation in the MLTSSL/STSOL/ROL
  4. Applicants must have a score of 65 or more in the Points Tested Stream through their Expression of Interest
  5. Submission of an expression of interest (EOI)
  6. Receive an invitation from the government, state territory, or regional territory of Australia
  7. The applicant and his family members applying for this visa must meet all the health and character requirements
  8. Hold a valid Police check from the Australian authority and overseas authority
  9. Meet the State requirement for 190 Visa nomination
  10. Meet the regional territory requirement for 491 visa nomination
  1. The Australian skilled migration visa allows an individual to stay in Australia for an indefinite period and is considered a permanent Australian resident.
  2. This visa will let you enroll yourself into Australia’s public health care scheme.
  3. This visa category also allows an individual to sponsor their relatives in coming to Australia
  4. With this visa, an applicant can apply for citizenship after a certain time as permanent resident in Australia
Processing time:
Visa Type 75% of Applications processed in 90% of applications processed in
Skilled Independent 189 Visa 24 months 35 months
Skilled Nominated 190 Visa 9 months 19 months
Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 491) 9 months 18 months
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General FAQs for Skilled Migration Visa:

1What is the difference between 189 and 190 visa?
Although both the visa subclass 189 and 190 comes under the Skilled Visa category, there’s just this difference between the visa subclass is that the visa subclass 189 is an independent visa type whereas the subclass 190 visa requires sponsorship from the State or a Territory Government.
2What Is an EOI?
EOI stands for Expression of Interest which is a document sent by the individual to the Australian authority for consideration for the purpose of sending an invitation to apply for the Skilled Independent Visa. This Expression of Interested is accounted for according to the points test and the skill of the individual is assessed according to the points scored through this test.
3Is Skill Assessment Mandatory to lodge EOI?
Yes, Skill Assessment is required to be obtained before lodgement of EOI, without a skill assessment an individual does not qualify for Skilled Migration, hence they cannot lodge an Expression of Interest.
4Do I need to reside in Australia to receive Skilled Migration Visa?
It depends on the visa subclass, such as 189 Visa is open for people living in Australia or overseas, whereas 190 Visa in most cases only accepts applications of individuals living in those states. So, the state is offering nominations for 190 and 491 visas for overseas applicants which changes from time to time.
5How to obtain permanent residency under 491 Visa pathway?
491 Visa is for a duration of five years, where individual must live in the regional area of Australia which nominated them. Applicant needs to live in those area for at least 3 years out of the five years and show annual taxable income of at least the minimum amount specified in the legislative instrument (Currently $53,900). Either the main applicant or the secondary applicant of the 491 visa can earn over $53,900.

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