Skilled Independent Visa 189 Australia

You do not need a state or territory to sponsor you for the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189. In Australia, it is the most popular visa. This is a permanent visa that does not need you to be sponsored by an employer. To go for 189 visas in Australia, your occupation should be listed on the relevant skilled occupation list. Check the list thoroughly before you make up your mind.

You should lodge an Expression of Interest to the respected Authority of visa 189 Australia. They will check if you are eligible to get a 189 visa.

The point you have plays a major role here. Different occupation requires different points to be nominated for Visa 189. For some occupations, the minimum requirement point of 65 is enough to get nominated. For others, a high value like 95 won’t get you the nomination. You can check your current point with our skilled independent visa subclass 189 calculator.

If you have not gotten an invitation before, you can update your EOI anytime. Every month, the government set a quantity to send the invitations. Improving your points can get you the nomination.

If you need consultancy on how many points you need to get nominated, contact us. We also offer advice on how to improve your points in the shortest time.

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Skilled Independent Visa 189 Requirements & Criteria

It's critical to double-check that you fulfil the visa's conditions before applying. This includes the following:
  • You have a Positive Skill Assessment for one of the MLTSSL occupations.
  • You are presently between the ages of 18 and 45.
  • Submit an Expression of Interest to SkillSelect.
  • You have Competent English or higher (6 minimum in IELTS or holder of approved passports)
  • You meet health and character requirements
  • Minimum point requirement is 65 points in the skilled migration points test. (Please note, just meeting the pass mark does not guarantee you will be invited to apply for the visa).
Every month, the Department of Immigration sends out invitations to apply for the Skilled Independent Visa. Month to month, the quantity of invites sent out varies. Applicants with the highest point totals are generally invited by immigration.
Please keep in mind that only getting 65 points does not ensure you'll be asked to apply for a visa. The higher your score, the more likely you are to obtain a visa invitation. Applicants who receive invitations currently have an average score of 85 or above.
You will be able to lodge your visa application through your (or our migration agent's) immigration portal once you have received an invitation to apply for the visa. From the time you receive the invitation, you have 60 days to apply for a visa. When submitting your application, you must provide proof that supports your professional experience, education, and personal information.
Please note that you will not be able to lodge a visa application if you do not get an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs.
Visa Application Fee: $4,115


Qualify for occupation by completing the Skill Assessment


Complete PTE/IELTS with a competent English score


Lodge Expression of Interest (EOI)

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